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  • Dietmar Gajdos

Reuss Private AG – Credibility through independence

Reuss Private Group is a private asset management company and has a trading license in Switzerland and Germany.

The company complies to MIFID I & II standards, and is regulated by the Swiss financial authority (FINMA).

Reuss Private AG serves and supports private clients as well as institutional clients with their investment – and wealth planning needs. It’s client base is quite broad, including local as well as international clients, also covering African countries and the Near East.

Thanks to the professional and experienced team, clients benefit from the very reliable, competent and transparent service of an independent asset manager. Given the very senior background of its employees, the company has a long-term experience in the financial industry, and a broad and international network amongst banks and other companies from diverse sectors.

Reuss Private AG – credibility and independence

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