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8 decisive reasons for obtaining membership in the Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce
  1. We closely cooperate with «The Malta Chamber of Commerce» which is rich in traditions, in the mainstream of business with its 1200 members.

  2. As member you can count on direct access to the crucial institutions and organisations in Malta and Switzerland.

  3. We organise special and attractive trips at reasonable prices to promote the exchange of business and cultural contacts.

  4. Our members benefit from the mutually valuable connections e.g. assisting in obtaining residence permits and/or formation of companies especially suited for international activities.

  5. By participating in our social events you have the unique opportunity to meet like-minded persons; you acquaint yourself with potential business partners.

  6. You may avail yourself of our numerous services at preferential conditions.

  7. We are politically and denominationally neutral; favour free market economies and represent our members’ interest on matters of bilateral trade, commerce and industry vis-a-vis the respective authorities, private and public organisations.

  8. You will receive regularly advance information on economic developments and legal or tax changes.

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