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The Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce is an exchange platform for interesting connections!

Malta is not only a fantastic tourist centre, but even more so a strategically and ideally located place for business activities in the Mediterranean.

Thanks to a properly functioning infrastructure, high educational standards and favourable economic conditions based on legislation encouraging business activities and a free market economy environment, Malta meets today’s high standards to qualify as an attractive regional business and financial centre.

The Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1999 and aims to foster economic and cultural ties as well as friendship between Switzerland and Malta.

If you are interested in bilateral economic relations and if you would like to utilise emerging potential in the Mediterranean region around Malta, then you should send in your e-mail.



designated President
Urs Müller

1st Vice-President

Reginald Fava



Aldo Scardino


Kurt Kamber

Member and


Dietmar Gajdos

Ms. Antoinette Cefai



Dr. Hans Moritz



2010 – 10th Anniversary of the Existence of the Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce

Writing about a ten year historic review for the Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce is quite an undertaking. There were no dramatic events which made the headlines in the media since its formation back in 1999; there were no outstanding success stories one could boast of; there were no remarkable increases in membership applications during the ten year span. Despite of all these handicaps, the ccomplishments were considerable:

When the chamber was started, Malta was an unknown quantity in Switzerland! People hardly knew about its existence and – if at all – had only a vague idea where this country was geographically located. They might have heard about the touristic attractions of Malta and very few even spent a few days already in Malta. We were the first foreign Maltese chamber of commerce which was domiciled outside of Malta.

Today, Malta is quite well known in Switzerland and has become a favourite destination for surfers, sailors, and vacationers who look for relaxation or enjoy cultural and historic values. The English learning courses in Malta have become more and more popular in Switzerland.

The first breakthrough came with the signing of a reciprocity agreement for financial services between the MFSA Malta Financial Services Authority and the Swiss Banking Commission in 2004. From this point onward, there was a steady increase in the use of Maltese financial services by the Swiss financial industry. Today, mutual funds domiciled in Malta by Swiss asset managers present a formidable part of this business segment. Due to the hassle and scandals about the off-shore destinations, the move to use Malta as a base for financial services is on the steady increase.

The same trend but to a lesser degree happened in the commercial and manufacturing field. With the recent signing of the double taxation treaty between Malta and Switzerland, this trend will increase dramatically, especially in view of the fact that Malta is a member of the EU and its proximity to the Near East which will become an important region for the Swiss business community.

In order to intensify the personal contacts among Swiss members from the financial services industry, we organise informative monthly meetings for exchange of views and personal acquaintances. In September 2008, we established a Lugano chapter and intend to set up another chapter in Geneva during the course of this year so that our chamber has a national exposure in Switzerland which will be important for networking purposes. In view of the fact that we did not have a huge budget available, we can be proud of the accomplishments and they are proof that one does not always need lots of funds to achieve one’s aims. We have been able to lay the solid foundations for future expansion and are convinced that in another ten
year cycle we will be able to report additional successes in the fostering of cultural and economic ties as well as friendship between our two countries.

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