We aim to foster economic and
cultural ties as well as friendship
between Switzerland and Malta.


The Swiss-Maltese chamber of commerce 

is an exchange platform

for interesting connections.

Malta is not only a fantastic tourist centre, but even more so a strategically and ideally located place for business activities in the Mediterranean.

Thanks to a properly functioning infrastructure, high educational standards and favourable economic conditions based on legislation ...

Over 400 events invite friends, families, creatives and curious visitors to discover, enjoy and create culture together, making the year 2018 a 360-degree exploration of contemporary Maltese and Gozitan life that’s set to unlock everyone’s imagination.

With diverse prog...


In mid-January 2018, Mr. Dietmar Gajdos, director of our Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Franco Merckling, the aspiring future president, were invited by the Hon. Carmelo Abela, the Maltese Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion and the Maltese non-resident Ambass...

Institutional investors such as pension funds, investment managers and endowments along with corporate investors are increasingly appreciating the importance of professionally managing their investment mandates within specific volatility limits.

Increasing regulatory re...

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